Clerk Secretarial

Geoff Bailey

Geoff left the RAF as a FS in 1984 and is now living in Caterham, Surrey.



Robin Bamfield MBE

Robin was the 41st's FSAA and was commissioned in '70. He retired from the RAF in 1999 with the rank of Wg Cdr. He is now living near Wokingham, Berkshire.




Tim Bell

Served at Biggin Hill 64-66 and married a member of the WAAF whilst there. Tim left the RAF as an SAC and is believed to be living in Gravesend.




Mick Besley

Mick left the RAF as a WO in February '91, following postings at Waddington (62-65), Brampton (69-71), Marham (74-80), Ely (80-82) and Bawdsey (84-91). He had two overseas tours at RAF Rheindahlen, Germany (65-68 and 71-74), and one Loan Service tour in the Sultanate of Oman (82-84).

Mick retired following seven years of self-employment on secretarial work (CVs, word processing, business accounts) and sadly died in Apr '09.


Roland 'Max' Brade

Not long after leaving Bircham, Roley re-mustered to Ground Radio. Seeing service in Bahrain, Aden, Libya, Cyprus, Gan as well as short postings in the UK.

After leaving the RAF in 1968 he went to work for the MoD on satellite tracking and electronic warfare. As a civvie he worked as a senior executive with the Plessey Company in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and parts of SE Asia. In the mid '90s he returned to the UK from Australia and ran the family computer and electronics business. Roley re-married and is living in Deal, Kent and is working part-time as a UK Immigration Officer, mainly in Calais.

Dave Brown

Dave is now in retail management and living near Colchester.




Stuart Chislett

Stuart now lives in Plymouth.





Alan Cousins - recoursed to 42nd

Alan re-mustered to RAF Police and left the RAF as an SAC in 1973. He is now living in Spalding.




Ivor Downing

Sighted at Akrotiri in 1965, at Benson in 1968 as a Cpl and finally on loan to the Omani AF as a WO in 1990. Ivor sadly died in the late '90s.




Chris Eames

Chris remustered to Air Traffic Control and was last seen at West Drayton as a WO. Now living in Basingstoke, Hants.



George Field

The actor of the entry, George left the service as a Cpl in 1974 and qualified as a civil airline pilot. George now flies for British Midland and lives at Ardingly in West Sussex. with his wife and dogs.



Ian 'Scottie' Field

Ian was commissioned in 1979 and retired from the RAF in 1988 as a Sqn Ldr.   

In civilian life he forged a new career in Manufacturing and Leisure Industries as a Training Manager for two national training companies.  Finally retired again in 2005 - only to start again running his own company providing Management & Supervisory Training and Health & Safety Training throughout Lancashire and the North of England. Divorced, he is now happily living in Wigan with his partner of 10 years.  Officially semi-retired and only working occasionally to fund holidays, gardening and attending 41st entry reunions!

Terry Francis - recoursed to 44th

Purchased his discharge as a Jnr Tech in 1969 and became manager of a TV hire company. Since 1979 worked for a computer company in the ME and USA, finally migrating to Montreal in 1995 with his Canadian wife. Terry runs his own business near Niagara Falls.


Mick Franks

Mick became an AEOp and is now living and working in Kinloss as a civilian instructor. Now living in Forres, Morayshire.




Albert 'Taff' Fry

Taff was last sighted at Ely in the 80's as a FS and retired from the RAF as a WO in 1989. Believed to be living in Stoke-on-Trent.





Derek Glasspoole

Derek was sighted at RAF Hendon in 1974 and at that time was a Sgt and later WO Chief Clerk at RAF Leuchars in 1991. Sadly now deceased.




Dave 'Ginger' Jones

Dave was sighted at RAF Hereford where he was a FS and employed at the Airman's Command School. He retired in 1983 and is now living back in Denbigh and running a business with his son.


Roy Kennedy - recoursed to 44th

Purchased his discharge in 1971 as a Jnr Tech after spending a total of 5 years in the ME. Roy started working in the Insurance Broking industry rising to National Sales Director and is now an Independent Financial Advisor in Nottingham.


George Lewis

George was sighted in Aden in the 60s. Sadly died back in Mar '70.




Barrie Loftus

Barrie purchased his discharge in 1968 as a Jnr Tech. After a number of years with the local borough council in Kings Lynn, he joined a local company that designs and installs town CCTV systems as their Technical Director. Barrie retired in 2009 and is now living in Wretton not far from Bircham.


David 'Rob' Lomas

Rob left the RAF as a WO in 1984. He then went on to work for the HSBC and has just retired for the second time. Rob now lives in Newmarket, Suffolk.



Dave MacMurdo

Dave represented the RAF at cross-country running. He left the RAF in Jul '68 as a Jnr Tech to live near Exeter but now sadly deceased.



Bob MacKnight

Bob served at Coningsby, Headley Court, Cyprus, Aden, Northwood and Manby before leaving the mob after 12 years.The first few years were spent working for PSA. Bob then transferred to MoD serving at Binbrook, Martlesham, Bentwaters and Waterbeach. He retired as a Senior Executive Officer in 2003 and is now living in Horncastle, Lincs.



Dave Parry

Left the RAF as a Sgt in 1977 to live in Kirk Sandall near Doncaster.





George Pearce

We understand he left the RAF in the late 60's as a Cpl.





Neil Riley

Neil was also a cross-country runner and was sighted in 1983 at Boulmer as a FS Chief Clerk. He left the RAF the following year to live in Durham.




Dave Salter

Dave was a Sgt Pers Admin at High Wycombe in 1984, when he retired to Bushbury near Wolverhampton.




Mike Smith

Mike left the RAF in the late 60s. Initially a police officer in Cleethorpes he took over his father's business after about a year.  The business was a couple of shops retailing fishing, sports and leisure gear. Subsequently he opened a coarse fishery. 

Mike is now retired and living in Lymington, Hants near the New Forest.

Bob Thompson

Bob was selected for NCO aircrew training (AEOp) and was commissioned in 1978. As a Sqn Ldr he was sighted at OASC, Cranwell in the late '90s. He is now retired and living in Welton, Lincs.


John 'Eddie' Venn

Eddie left the RAF as a Cpl in 1973 and is now living in South Moulton, Devon. I understand Eddie has now left the Fish and Chip business and enjoying his golf!